Development, quantity production, complete delivery and field installation of  small and micro hydro power plants
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          About INSET

About "INSET"

    Joint Stock Company INSET was founded in the year 1988 and is specialized in designing and manufacturing of the units for Small Hydro Power Plants rated up to 5000 kW and Micro Hydro Power Plants with the outputs ranging from 3 to 100 kW.

     Since 1988 INSET is a member of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

     Since 1995 "INSET" is a member of International Hydropower Association (IHA).

     The company employs highly qualified specialists having an experience in hydro power development

     As a rule, hydro units developed by INSET are delivered as a complete set includes hydro turbine, generator, automatic control device and valve.

    There is a successful operating experience of the above equipment on the cross-head of existing dams, channels, water supply systems and water spillways of the factories and public utilities, sewage and irrigation systems and drinking water conduits.

     INSET's production line includes units with propeller, Francis and Pelton turbines and consists of more than 35 types of them. Till the year 2008 more than 50 power plants were equipped by INSETís units in more than 20 countries.

     From the year 1996 it was created the project department and INSET now can offer for its customers the full package of services which includes as site investigations, feasibility study reports and projects design as equipment manufacturing, installation, supervision and commissioning.

     INSET has an experience of practical implementation of the regional small rivers potential recourses utilization programs.

    Except such republics of Russia as Adygeya, Altai, Bashkiria, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karelia, Mordovia and Tuva, CIS countries Armenia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan production of our company is supplied to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia etc.


The realized projects

    List small and micro the HYDRO POWER PLANTS , equipped with the equipment "MNTO INSET" see in the table.


The experts of "INSET" are ready:

  • To determine the optimum construction of small HYDRO POWER PLANTS
  • To select the equipment
  • To carry out delivery of the equipment
  • To assist in installation and commission of hydro power units
  • To ensure support service of the equipment during its operation.

Joint Stock Company INSET